At the risk of offending those who don’t quite see slower times in August, it’s fair to say that the onset of a slightly quieter time of year can be a welcome relief and frustrating in equal measure.


It’s frustrating because it’s unlikely that the deal that’s been in the pipeline for the past few weeks will land in the summer months. Likewise, getting started on the next big project will also probably be delayed.


This can be a challenging time for fast growth businesses in any sector, but not least amongst firms racing to build out clean energy projects in time for tariff deadlines, or against certain planning constraints.


But, if you’re not at the coalface right now, it’s also worth looking at how to make best use of the August lull.


Evaluate your plan

Whilst it’s an excellent opportunity to revisit some of the sticking points that might have occurred over the year, more widely, it’s also a very good opportunity to look at certain business processes and plan.


From our perspective, it offers a chance to undertake a half-yearly review of communications campaigns, and revisit some of the plans in the pipeline for the rest of the year.


Evaluating the success of campaigns, is, as we’ve discussed previously, a complex process. But nevertheless, ensuring that topics and talking points remain on the right track, and in line with commercial objectives is essential to continuing to support commercial new business development.


Listen to the business

Looking ahead to the final two quarters gives us an opportunity to check-in with senior teams and ensure PR and marketing campaigns continue to reflect the overall direction and future ambition of the firm.


Senior leaders’ objectives may evolve over the course of the year, and it’s important to take the time to assess whether the campaign currently in play is structured to meet those objectives. A planning period in the relative quiet of the summer offers an opportunity to respond and be flexible to the organisational needs.


Offer some perspective

From a wider communications perspective, it can also be a good time to actively communicate with the media.


Whilst we wouldn’t recommend communicating key commercial developments, which may be missed in a quieter marketplace, it can be a good time to ask your agency or in-house team to embark on some solid media relations – exploring wider industry talking points with journalists on the look out for some interesting perspectives whilst there is a dearth of company news.


Key updates are best held off until September when everybody is back at their desks, but taking some time over the summer to demonstrate some wider thought leadership on a particular industry topic can often play well with industry editors on the lookout for good content.


Keeping this consistency over the summer months also ensures that the business doesn’t communicate in peaks and troughs, but steadily reinforces its messaging throughout the year, constantly engaging with the marketplace – particularly when many competitors will be looking elsewhere.


So if you are in the position of having a quieter summer, don’t see it so much as a limitation, but more of an opportunity to reflect on the year so far, think deeply about what you have coming up, and take advantage of a time to communicate when others in the marketplace won’t be.

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