Events. Why bother going? It’s time away from the desk, you might have to miss that important meeting, and the disruption of the travel can be distracting. Most of all, if not executed correctly, it can be an expensive exercise for something that at the end of the day might not answer an immediate business need.

But, and there is of course always a ‘but’, if you do a bit of research and if choose the right events to pursue, attendance can be a worthwhile investment.

Last week the team was up in Glasgow, supporting retained clients and taking an opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces at All Energy 2016.

As many of you will know, this conference, hosted in the centre of the city, brings together a raft of businesses working throughout both traditional and renewable energy generating sectors. You’ll find firms that have worked in offshore oil and gas rubbing shoulders with young upstart offshore wind developers. It’s a heady mix!

So, back to that initial question: why bother with All Energy? And more pertinent still, why bother ensuring that your PR and marketing team are attending, too?

Well, in the first case, All Energy has got its pricing strategy right. Shock horror, it’s free to attend. Not to exhibit, obviously – it’s a commercial venture that has to turn a profit. But, nevertheless, you can turn up, register, and speak to any firm on the floor about who they are and what they’re up to.

This, in itself, is a big commercial driver. It’s also pretty handy if you are new to the sector and want to come home with a stack of business cards and new connections.

It’s a quid pro quo for the exhibitors too, since they know all too well that, as it’s a free-to-attend event, there’s always a high footfall, passing by the stand. And, while quality may not always be guaranteed, what you gain is a wider potential audience.

And then to the question of us – Tamarindo. Why, either as exhibitors or attendees would you want your PR & marketing firm in attendance?

It’s a question we get frequently asked – partly because we attend such a high number of conferences and events on the international circuit every year and partly because few other firms operating in our space take the time to do the same.

So why should we be there? What’s the benefit for all concerned?

We think the answer is clear. Since, because our clients invest time and money in attendance – and since their customers do too – we believe that alone is a strong indicator of the how central these industry gatherings are to winning new business.

And since enabling our clients to win new business sits at the very heart of what we do, it would seem strange not to be playing an active part in this process.

Make no mistake; we strongly believe that our on-the-ground presence continues to have a direct impact on the new business successes that our clients generate.

It’s also why, of the five major breaking stories at All Energy last week Tamarindo was responsible for two.

Given the sheer number of exhibitors and delegates vying for the news agenda, we think that’s no mean feat. And our clients seem to like these results too.

This media agenda-setting activity, combined with direct in-person introductions and time spent listening and learning – both in the conference rooms and at the bar – only helps strengthen our offering and, in turn, refine the results that we deliver.

To come full circle, no, not every event is worth attending – and there’s always a risk of becoming a perennial conference-goer – but on the flip side, get your conference and events strategy right, then couple it with an effective strategic communications campaign and you can create real new business potential.

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