It’s rude to talk about yourself first, and when we met you for the first time, I certainly hope that’s not what we did. But I wanted to highlight how our description of ourselves as a PR advisory is designed, at least in part, to convey the point that we aren’t just here for our clients and we won’t simply execute against your instructions.  

We exist to help you understand your business, and get to a point where you have clarity on how your business might use communications to help it grow, before you push the button on a PR contract. 

We don’t have to be contracted to work with you before we start thinking hard about how your business might benefit from a sound communications strategy. Our role as a communications advisor starts from first time we meet each other and strike up a conversation about your business and what it wants to achieve.

In that first conversation we tend to ask lots of questions and give very little away about what we do. Don’t be alarmed, we aren’t there for the hard sell. Our business is built on understanding as much of your industry as we possibly can. So from our perspective, by learning from you, we’re already winning. In that first conversation we want to understand your business, what its goals are, and something about the clients it serves. We aren’t going to open a box of tricks to solve your problems, because after one quick chat, we won’t have a strong grasp of what those are.

As Adam talked about in his recent blog post looking at key aspects of writing a PR brief, often identifying and understanding the need for a communications solution is not a short-term process. Our first conversation might just scratch the surface, but as our relationship develops, we’d hope to understand your business better, and get a more thorough understanding of the problems and challenges you face. 

The advisory part of our service is here not just for our clients, but for anyone in the industry who wants to engage with us. Our on-going conversations with people in the industry are at many different stages, some are just starting up, others have been going on for several months, but the goal of each one is to understand challenges and help them scope out potential remedies through a communications lens.

Perhaps we’ve only met on one occasion and exchanged business cards, but what we have done is initiated a conversation, and allow us to begin thinking about what was discussed. From that point onwards, we’d like to keep the dialogue going so we keep abreast of your pain points and can share advice as we move forwards.

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If this has gotten you thinking – you have some questions – or you want to talk to us about what happens next, then please drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

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