This is one of my favourite comments from clients, and hearing it really gets the blood flowing. Clients often say this about their business when they misconceive what PR does for them and how we go about it.

Fundamentally this is because we aren’t here to make great copy, we’re here to help your business grow. It is important to realise that large parts of your audience might not understand the complexities of what your business does, but it’s enough that they understand what the business does for them.

If it sometimes feels like your business is too complicated to communicate to clients, it could be that you have become entangled in the messaging weeds. Watch out! It can be dangerous down there. If this is the case, here are three things to focus on to untangle your messaging efforts:

Focus on what makes your business unique.

Somewhere, somehow, sometime you were working away at a problem for your old employer, and suddenly it struck you there was a better way to solve the problem. Not just better for your employer, but better for the client, better for you, and better for the entire industry.

The way to do this, you thought, was to launch a business exploiting the gap in the market created by the entirely new solution. In your messaging, start here because you know these answers; you have lived them. They explain much of why your business exists, what it’s trying to do, and how it’s trying to do it.

Think about what your business excels at.

If a business wants to make good profits, it has to do something with excellence, otherwise it has no advantage, can’t charge the right price, and won’t survive and thrive.

Reminding customers of what you excel at prompts them to see the high value in what you offer and makes it much easier to sell your products or services at a price that makes commercial sense to you. Look at what you do now and talk about why your current clients and customers keep coming back to you.

Consider your products and services from the perspective of your clients and customers.

This goes back to the point at the top of post – if your prospective clients understand what you will do for them, that’s half the battle. Customers come to your business.

To the client who told me that their business was too complicated to explain to their customers, you will find that explaining to customers that you will take away their pain, is a lot easier than explaining how you will take away the pain. Looking to the future of your business gets you in the right frame of mind to think about what it is that your clients and customers really want from you, and how to talk about that.

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