Looking for a graduate job is a little like freshers’ week – you are looking for an organisation to join that, at least in part, falls outside all your previous experience. But more importantly, you are hoping that what the organisation does will continue to interest you, possibly years down the road. More than that you’re also looking for people you who you will enjoy spending a lot of time with.   At Tamarindo, as we begin our search for a graduate to join us this autumn, we are fully conscious the assessment process works both ways. So throughout our search we bear in mind two rules of thumb: anyone could be suitable for our programme and we might not be suitable for everyone. This helps remind us that not everything about a candidate can be got down on paper, and that the hiring decision we make isn’t just about our business, but about someone’s career. 


We’re a growing communications consultancy, and we specialise in just a few industries. So why do we expand our team with someone who has none of the knowledge essential to our work? We are ambitious about our growth as a consultancy, and we work in an industry that is rapidly evolving and growing. This means that everyone in our agency, from our graduate trainee to our account teams and our directors are constantly learning: about the industry, and about how to deliver our services. We don’t stand still. 

We do recruit experience, where we see an ability to thrive in the kind of growth atmosphere, but we recognise that abilities developed elsewhere can be as readily applied in our consultancy as those we help our employees develop. 

Over the years however, we have aimed to mix these honed skills with team members who are as excited to learn and develop new skills as they are to deliver the quality consultancy, mixing communications advice with industry knowledge, that our clients have come to expect.


Hiring graduate trainees demands a lot of investment from our side, but when the outcome is an account manager who knows their clients inside out, has a strong grasp of the industry value chain from start to end, and regularly delivers effective media and public relations consultancy that helps our clients grow their businesses, it’s wholly worth it. The net result of the investment in developing our graduates’ skills is not just talented employees (the process in one direction), but also growth opportunities for us, and our clients.

Sometimes though, it’s the case that our graduates develop those skills with us and then depart. Whilst there is a short-term downside to this for us, it’s part of that freshers’ fair process of finding the right fit for people – and it’s ongoing, not just happening for a few days each September, but every day in the office. We also like to think that graduates that do leave us, leave with an understanding and grounding in the way we service and advise our clients – a continuation of each graduate’s training. In our view, we do this well, and we like to see graduates moving on from Tamarindo to test the skills they’ve developed in other contexts.  


Graduates at Tamarindo will have direct access to our senior team, they will have an opportunity to meet our clients from their first month in the role, and they will be exposed to the kinds of problems we are tasked with solving from the moment they join us. With clients all over the UK, and spread from Seattle to Bangkok, we offer graduates an opportunity to continue to learn and develop new skills, and apply them in some of the fastest-growing and most complex industries, not only in the UK, but across Europe and the world. 

So, if that sounds like a society you’d like to sign up to, drop us a note and we’ll send you an application pack.

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