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· Modern Energy Management is a Singapore-based, financial and project operations advisory, with an exclusive focus on and expertise in emerging renewable energy markets

· Modern Energy Management supports financiers, developers, operators and investors across the project lifecycle in the emerging markets of South-East Asia and Latin America, Modern Energy Management

· As such, the business needed to raise its profile in these regions, as well as attract European and US investors looking to ensure significant returns on investment as they moved into these new markets

· To date our campaign has delivered media coverage not only in the relevant regional and trade media, but also in national South-East Asian press


Modern Energy Management (MEM) delivers project lifecycle certainty to renewable energy financiers, developers, operators and investors working in rapidly expanding emerging markets.


We were introduced to MEM through a media contact with whom we had a pre-existing relationship, and who was aware that MEM was looking for a specialist consultancy that understood its target market and could effectively leverage its skillset.


Despite the considerable distance between Oxford and downtown Singapore (as well as the time difference!), we quickly built a good rapport with Managing Director Aaron Daniels and other members of his senior team, and we commenced our campaign in July 2016.



Europe and the US have traditionally long together accounted for the bulk installed renewable energy capacity over the last few decades. However it is the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America that now offer the most potential for rapid growth for investors looking to make significant returns on their investment.


As specialist consultants with an exclusive focus on these markets, MEM needed a communications partner that understood how these global energy trends are developing, as well as the business’s unique approach to attracting and de-risking investment in markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina and the Philippines.


Critically, MEM recognised that much of its success to date was a result of the credentials and expertise of its senior team, with the business itself largely flying under the radar of key industry influencers. It was similarly clear that MEM needed to raise its profile among its potential client base in the global private equity markets, and leverage the significant potential in the business as a whole.



Having secured the brief, our campaign looked to leverage MEM’s unique market understanding and insight – as well as the many market firsts the business has delivered – to raise their profile accordingly.


Tactically, this involved the development and deployment of messages that leveraged this niche expertise, allowing MEM to benefit from consistent, high-quality editorial coverage. In addition, we worked closely with Aaron to ensure these messages and our media outreach complemented the business’s commercial activities and focus at any given time.


To further enhance MEM’s credentials as clean energy pioneers in the emerging markets, we developed the firm’s Emerging Market Briefing – an introduction to the three markets it sees as offering the greatest potential for investors in the coming 12 months.



MEM’s voice in promoting and facilitating investment in South-East Asia and Latin America is now heard more clearly than ever. As well as consistently featuring in the international trade media, the campaign has resulted in high-profile interviews with major international press including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the Financial Times, and key regional title the South China Morning Post.


More widely, the campaign has boosted MEM’s profile not only in these emerging markets themselves, but also in the eyes of those looking to invest in them. In doing so, MEM has benefited from speaking slots, commercial introductions and – most importantly – further projects wins in its target markets.

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