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Despite a rapidly expanding presence throughout the global renewable energy sector, technical advisor OST Energy (OST) frequently experienced a lack of brand recognition in a number of its target sectors and territories. We were engaged to help the team address this, by capitalising on its international track record supporting innovative projects both at home and overseas.


To date, we have:

  • Driven a wideranging international media campaign, highlighting the presence, successes and expansion of regional teams in Europe, the United States, North and South Africa, India and Australia
  • Supported OST’s entry into new sectors such as wind energy, battery storage and floating solar PV
  • Provided strategic brand and messaging advice following OST’s acquisition by a major global engineering consultancy


OST is a leading independent engineering consultancy, founded in 2008, that specialises in providing investment support and technical advisory services to the developers, operators and financiers of renewable energy projects worldwide.


These services play a critical role in informing major project development and financing decisions. OST has worked on over 1,000 renewable energy projects in 30 countries, including some of the largest transactions ever made in the sector.


We first met OST’s founders, Simon Turner and Oliver Soper at the A Word About Wind Quarterly Drinks. Over a beer (or three) it soon became clear that both had a strong desire to make more of OST’s extensive heritage in the international renewable energy sector.



While OST had experienced rapid organic growth over a period of just eight years – particularly in the European solar market - the team was seeking to adjust its long-term new business strategy in order to best take advantage of substantial opportunities becoming apparent in other markets and sectors.


Specifically, alongside its solar expertise, OST was building up a considerable knowledge base in the areas of energy storage and on- and offshore wind - and winning work in numerous emerging markets around the globe.


Supporting this expansion would involve shifting away from a reliance on word of mouth recommendations, referrals and repeat business, and aiming to increase OST’s visibility amongst key decision makers in the international finance and development communities.


Central to this aim would be the development and implementation of a clear brand strategy that positioned OST Energy as a truly global player. Leveraging OST’s track record would instill confidence and trust with new business prospects, even before first contact had been made.



First steps are important, and we started out by working directly with OST’s senior team to formulate a core set of messages that would form the basis of our campaign, and, ultimately, help to shape OST’s identity within the global marketplace.


While OST had engaged to a small degree with the press in the years prior to our appointment, we then focused on laying the groundwork for a long-term media campaign, covering energy, infrastructure and investor media in each of OST’s core target markets globally.


By building a steady pipeline of proactive media announcements, interviews and editorial opportunities covering these markets, we have subsequently been able to generate regular coverage for OST. In turn, OST and its senior team are able to raise awareness of the key challenges faced by developers, owners, operators and investors – demonstrating thought leadership in the global energy space.



OST now not only has consistent presence and visibility in the international trade media outlets read by their core clients and prospects; the campaign has also seen the firm featured in The Times as it raises awareness of its energy storage expertise.

Looking at the bigger picture, as a recognised global brand, OST now has an ability to disseminate core commercial messages within the wider market. For the sales and new business teams, this has signaled a strategic shift by providing visibility that has directly supported project wins. In turn, announcing these deals is creating further momentum for what has become a highly successful media campaign.

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