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A brand new initiative in the offshore wind sector, offshore energy support business, Seacat Services, was launched with private equity backing in a mature market and needed to create visible industry presence, brand trust and authority in short order.


We were engaged to help the Seacat Services founders create a brand, market awareness and commercial interest in the offering throughout the European offshore wind sector.


To date, we have:


  • Launched the business, creating a recogniseable brand.
  • Supported the growth of the business in highlighting its new wins, milestones and successes
  • Provided senior client counsel and advice on market positioning




Seacat Services is an Isle of Wight based business that provides vessels and chartering services to transfer offshore wind engineers to and from project sites.


These services play a critical role in the construction and delivery of European offshore wind – a market currently sized at €22.6bn.  Crucial to the success of the industry has been the ability to deliver offshore wind projects on time and on budget.  This stringency in project planning had to be matched by firms in the market that could deliver services under such conditions.


We first met Seacat Services founder, Ian Baylis, at the Seawork Conference in 2012, as Ian was preparing to launch the business following the purchase of the firm’s first vessel.  With large overheads up-front, there was a clear commercial need for the business to create a strong industry presence quickly.




With the European offshore wind market expanding at a substantial pace, Seacat Services had to develop its brand and reputation swiftly to capitalise on the market’s growth phase.


Recgonising that the supporting crew transfer sector for offshore wind would fragment into two distinct class of workboats – aluminium vessels for larger projects further offshore, and smaller fiberglass vessels for supporting closer developments, Seacat Services invested in an aluminium catamaran vessel fleet built locally on the Isle of Wight. 


Coming from the superyacht industry, Seacat founder Ian Baylis recognised the innate benefits in passenger comfort and stability in transporting engineers to and from offshore wind sites.


This market recognition, and unique approach, would shape not only the Seacat business, but also its communications and brand values.


From the launch of the first vessel in May 2012, the business geared itself to providing a ‘high-end’ service to the offshore wind industry.  In order for this to be communicated effectively, key elements such as unique vessel attributes that enabled the business to operate above its competition had to become the mainstay of Seacat Services’ company messaging – impacting on every element of written and verbal communications in media interviews and coverage.


Whilst the business was investing in its vessels, personnel and operations, the management team needed to be able to drive the growth of the brand in an affordable and efficient manner.




We began by working directly with Seacat Services’ senior management team to create a set of messages that reflected the firm’s founding ethos, its unique qualities, and market understanding right from the beginning.


We then focused on generating content through which to deliver these messages – ranging from press releases, placed bylines, media comment opportunities all the way through to speaker opportunities for the Seacat team.  This content was delivered to the core Seacat markets of offshore wind, infrastructure and energy investment.


Building on this enabled us to create a real momentum behind the campaign, ensuring that over time, as journalists and editors became more familiar with the brand, and understood its market ethos and unique approach, that the business became a first point of call for in-bound comment on the industry.


Over the last 5 years, coverage for Seacat Services has included the BBC, Financial Times, renewable energy trade titles, the maritime press and energy investor magazines.




Seacat Services is now arguably the leading brand in high quality offshore energy support vessels. The business has a substantial market awareness and industry presence, to the extent that it enjoys proactive enquiries for its services on a regular basis.


Ian Baylis

Managing Director, Seacat Services

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