Commercial Positioning

For the past fifteen years we’ve helped enable companies just like yours to find a position in the market that is compelling, different and unique. Positioning matters – since if it’s done right, it drives existing and prospective customer engagement – it gets you noticed.  It wins you work.


Media Relations & Press Office

Truly effective media relations isn’t a volume game.  Rather, it’s about developing a commercially focused programme of engagement that’s in absolute alignment with your wider business goals.  For the past 15 years we’ve delivered exactly this – and we’ve built our reputation off the back of it!


Senior Counsel and Support

Time and again we get hired, not just because of the strength of our results, but because of our ability to be able to look a senior management team in the eye and say it as it is.  That’s pretty unusual in a supplier relationship – and we think it’s that ability and the strength of that counsel that sets us apart from the pack.


Message Development

Commercial positioning is one thing –message development – in other words, activation of that commercial position, is quite another.  At Tamarindo we help you to define, set, review and continually refine your message to the market throughout the duration of a campaign.


External Stakeholder Engagement

True industry influence lies in the ability to not just understand who you need to be talking to but also what you need to be saying to them – and when.  


Crisis & Issues Management

At the heart of the most effective communications campaigns lies the desire to ensure that you’re given the benefit of the doubt if and when things go wrong.  Our crisis communications advice service builds on this philosophy, providing you with complete confidence when it’s needed the most.


Marketing Strategy and Development

Activation is one thing – true strategic direction is quite another.  We firmly believe that too many marketing campaigns become the yes men of over enthusiastic sales teams.  We challenge that – and in doing so, deliver campaigns built on genuine commercial engagement.


Media & Interview Training

Defined that commercial position?  Got a great message to share with the world?  Wonderful stuff.  Let’s make sure you deliver it in the most impactful manner.  Our media and interview training enables you to do exactly that.  Courses take place every month.


Conference and Event Management

We know thing or two about delivering a fantastic event.  Whether that’s a new business seminar, an exclusive customer conference, a drinks reception or a private dinner, we work directly with businesses just like yours to develop in-person initiatives that really deliver.


Copywriting and Editing

The most impactful messages are delivered through compelling copy.  Copy that hits the spot.  Copy that makes difference and that compels a reader to act. We deliver exactly that.


Social Media Management

Understanding how you can shift a social media campaign from early stage customer interest and engagement, to a point whereby it becomes a viable part of your sales funnel requires the ability to listen as well as tell.  Our social media management programmes provide just that balance – enabling you to harness the potential locked away within it.


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